• Welcome to St. John's Preschool!

    Welcome to St. John's Preschool!

    St. John the Apostle and Evangelist is the patron of love, loyalty, and friendships. St. John’s Catholic Preschool Students take LOVE with them wherever they go!  
  • Lifelong Learners who:

    Lifelong Learners who:

    Find joy in learning.  Concentrate and focus on our work.   Work and play nicely with our friends.
  • Effective Communicators who:

    Effective Communicators who:

    Speak well.  Listen to others.  Develop writing and reading skills.
  • Very Active Christians who:

    Very Active Christians who:

    Pray everyday.   Are kind to our friends.   Show thankfulness for our blessings.
  • Outstanding Citizens who:

    Outstanding Citizens who:

    Work towards peace.  Help the less fortunate.   Learn about different cultures.
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Building a Christ-Centered Community of Life-Long Learners

St John's Catholic Preschool is a quality Catholic and Montessori School within the St. John Apostle and Evangelist Church community where children, staff, and parents cultivate joy in learning. We continually grow, learn, improve, and work together to attain our fullest potential with Jesus as our Master Teacher. Students acquire knowledge and learn useful skills in a loving, caring environment which fosters openness, integrity, honesty, mutual respect, and cooperation. Staff and parents serve as models by demonstrating their commitment to lifelong learning through continuously improving themselves, the school, and its programs.

Why St. John's?

  • “Ms. Amie was an amazing blessing to our family while stationed in Hawaii from 2016-2018. Our son, Luke, attended as both a 4 year old preschool and K5 student and transitioned seamlessly into 1st grade after our move to Virginia. Ms. Amie is such a passionate educator and constantly stimulated the students’ learning. Luke was like a sponge while at SJCP, always wanting to know more, and our favorite words we still continue to hear are, “Ms. Amie taught me that!” Luke received such a wonderful educational foundation and we are so very grateful for our time spent at this school.”

    -Michelle DeWitt Froehlich

  • “We always wanted our son to attend a Catholic school and we were lucky to have found St John's Catholic Preschool.

    Our son Francis has been attending St John's for almost 3 years now and we saw how education with spiritual influence made a difference, that God can be a part of his everyday life in school. Being a Montessori, it encourages independent learning and allows each one of them progress at their own pace. Francis has learned a lot and I believe that he is receiving a quality education with a very good religious foundation. We know that his exposure and his teachers have prepared him exceptionally well for big school.

    St John's is filled with caring, loving, wonderfully talented teachers and staff. We sincerely thank everyone for taking care of our precious son everyday.” -Grace Bartolome Agcaoili

  • “SJCP was a perfect fit for our daughter. She developed her social, academic, life skills so much in the Montessori school. The teachers loved her and gave her a safe environment to thrive. I’m am confident that she is more than ready for kindergarten.” 

    -Shara Peterman

  • “When it came time to start thinking about preschool, based solely on reputation, we already knew St. John’s Catholic Preschool was where we wanted to send our children. The only two reasons we visited another school was out of formality and just in case we did not get into SJCP. We loved the fact that it was a Montessori, giving children the freedom to explore their strengths, yet exposing them to areas in which they may not have experienced yet in fun and intriguing ways. We also appreciated the fact that the children were not separated by age in their classrooms, mirroring real life, being able to learn from and teach their peers. SJCP gave my children a solid foundation, both academically and in real life. The teachers and staff of SJCP are incredible! It is very scary in this day and age to trust strangers with our children, however the teachers at SJCP instantly put us at ease, with their firm but kind and loving ways. If SJCP decided to expand their school to elementary and beyond, we would not hesitate and would be registering in a heartbeat for this wonderful school.” -Layton and Alisa Okunami 

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