Children's Choir

The St. John Apostle & Evangelist Children's Choir is an exciting opportunity for young singers in grades 2-8 to unite in God's gift of song and prayer.  With weekly rehearsals, they are guided with spiritual formation as they develop an understanding of their important role as dedicated music ministers within the sacred Mass along with their musicianship and choral techniques.  We are committed to teaching the beauty and meaning of the word and prayer in every song, serving the Lord and the community.  They participate in the Mass once a month, during special Masses throughout the year, and other opportunities.  We encourage the children to give their best work to the glory of God, which requires a faithful presence in the rehearsal room each week.  We want them to grow in their faith as good stewards and learn to lead others to do the same.  Choir practices is held on Tuesdays, 5:30 pm -6:15 pm in the Church.


Contact: Kristine Calzada
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