Sincerity and living our faith!

The reading from Genesis shows how Adam and Eve, exercising their free will, have gone against God’s intentional will that God’s creatures should live in innocence, harmony with creation and peace with each other.  Their sin is about being exposed before the Lord.  They were revealed as proud; they wanted to be like God.  Their desires were more important than God's will.  It is sad, but in many occasions we can look into the depths of the ‘original sin’ and see our own refusal to submit to God's will as well as our own rationalization for the things we do wrong.  Because of sin we do hide in fear causing a separation from God and our most intimate loved ones.  It becomes difficult to say “I’m sorry.”  We don’t even want God to find us and so avoid quiet moments for prayer.  But we need to remember that God wants us to turn to him, stand before him without fear and allow him to transform us and bring something good out of whatever we have botched up. 

In the second reading, Paul exhorts the Corinthian community and us to remain focused on the things of God and not of the earth, to remember that faith ultimately triumphs over misery, sin and death.  We should look at everything we do here as a preparation for our eternal life.  We live in hope that by virtue of our faith we will share in Jesus’ Resurrection.  The God who raised Jesus from the dead will also raise us and bring us into his presence.  Finally the Gospel speaks about how Jesus is rejected by the scribes and his family.  He has been preaching and healing and he has just selected his twelve disciples.  But he is misunderstood; his family, the scribes and even the disciples do not yet recognize that he is truly the Son of God.   Jesus’ response is to redefine family and restore our original blessing; our connection to his father and each other as children of God.  His words are words to us today – he looks around at us and sees us as his brothers and sisters. This will make a difference as to how we see each other.  


Deacon Modesto Cordero