Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord

Palm Sunday, with its palms, processions, and readings, is one of the special days that can call to mind strong emotional connections in our spiritual history, for those of us who have been in the church most of our lives. For those who are newer to Catholicism and Christianity, I suspect it still makes an impact because of its uniqueness.

We heard the story proclaimed today, a story of unbearable sadness and disappointment. A story of betrayal, fear, and denial. A story of pain, suffering, and abandonment. And our God is right in the midst of all of it - embracing it in its totality - carrying the weight and brokenness and sin of the world upon himself. And all Jesus does through it all is love, no matter what is going on around him or being done to him. And we do believe, sincerely. It is also about accepting, embracing and venturing out on a journey, a sacred journey which invites each of us to ask ourselves a critical question, one that has real implications for our lives.  

How far are we willing to go?

We all know that living a life of faith can be tremendously hard and difficult.

This Holy Week is an opportunity for us to unite our own journeys, unite our own lives—the good and the bad— with that of our Lord Jesus. But it takes faith. It takes courage. It takes trust and hope.

And that’s because we know where it leads... 

......but that is not where it ends. 

And that makes all the difference.

Have a blessed Holy Week everyone!!!!

Deacon Romeo Ganibe