Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time ~ C


The miraculous catch of fish we read in the Gospel this Sunday is a symbol of the deep conversion experiences which God grants us from time to time and which set us on a new course in our lives. These experiences usually occur at times when we feel we are inactive – as spouses, parents, church leaders, ministers, or managers in the workplace.

God sends Jesus to us and he tells us to “put out into deep water.” 

We each have our deep water we must put out into: be reconciled with someone we have refused to speak to for years; start working among the poor; get involved in community development; go back to school; attend a Marriage Encounter weekend.

We know that our lives can never be the same again: “from now on it is men you will catch.” God does not want us to go around trying to “catch” people. The text means first getting involved with people, not things, and secondly, that our mission in life is to lead one another into God’s net so that we can all be gathered into his kingdom. The Lord wants us from now on to care for people, help them to grow in self-esteem, move away from addictions, from abusive marriages – ways in which we need to be brought closer to God and feel safe in his net.

This new consciousness means giving up things that we thought important. We do it cheerfully; we are “not afraid” as we bring our boats back to land and without giving them a second thought, leave them there to follow the new way God has called us to...

Peace be with you!

Deacon Romeo Ganibe