27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

         In today’s Gospel reading, we see the Pharisees trying to trap Jesus: “Is it really against the law for a man to divorce his wife? After all Moses permitted a husband to write a bill of divorce and dismiss her.” Even today, many people question the laws and teachings of the Church. Many people are breaking the law, so why can’t the Church change according to the times? We must always distinguish between those who are law-breakers, victims of the law, and victims of circumstances. We have no right to sit in judgment, to point a finger at others. We are called to be compassionate and understanding of the weaknesses of others.  We have always to distinguish between the person and the law. At the same time we see Jesus speaks clearly and directly. He lays down the law as it is. The Law will not change to suit our notions and fancies or for our own convenience.  Marriage is for life, commitment is for life. We want our marriage relationships to last until death and they will, if we work at them and let God be an integral part of our lives. 

     Perhaps the last part of the Gospel gives us one way in which we can make our relationships work: Jesus let the little children come to him and blessed them. The child symbolizes dependence on another; their parents. For our relationships to work we depend on God. Lastly, even as we grow and mature we must never lose the sense of wonder that we had as children. One of the things that strike us about children is how they can get engrossed in the simplest of things; they forget everything else and enjoy that moment, that thing, that person. That ability to wonder can keep us going and we will find there is always something to be grateful for in our married relationships and in life itself. 

By:  Deacon Romeo Ganibe