Do not work for food that perishes...

In today’s Gospel reading, Jesus told to the crowd

 “Do not work for food that perishes . . .”

It’s hard to not work for “food that perishes”.  And of course, that phrase is meant to include all of our earthly needs and all of our wants too.  There are many things that we need in this life: food, water, shelter, money, medical care, etc. . .  Is God really saying that we shouldn’t work toward these things?

I don’t think so.  It seems that Jesus is trying to make sure we have the proper relationship between God and these other things, that we don’t relentlessly pursue the things of this world at the expense of our relationship with God.  In other words, the way we purse these other needs, the choices we make and the attitides we possess while doing so, matter.  It's a kind of spiritual trap to try to use any means possible and go to any length to try to meet our earthly needs.  When we do that, we are essentially saying to God and the world, that our hope ultimately lies with the fruits of our own efforts.  And yet God knows that these things simply don't last.  They are not eternal.  We, however, somehow seem to forget that.  And the hunger persists.   

What are the things in our life that have all our attention and motivation and focus?  What are the “perishable foods” we are pursuing --- worldly things that ultimately cannot satisfy?  Where are the areas of our life in which God seems to be almost irrelevant, an afterthought?  Put simply --- what or whom can we live without? 

Our God wants to be real food for us.  He wants to feed us with every good thing, satisfy us in ways that only he can.

What are we filling ourselves up with instead?

By:  Deacon Romeo Ganibe