One Community Center and Hospitality

One Community Center and Hospitality

The first noticeable thing one notices at Starbuck upon entrance is a greeting and welcome! Immediately, one is made to feel at home and valued. As the Construction of our One Community Center advanced, it is time to examine our Hospitality Ministry as a way of life. There is a banner on our campus that reads,  “St. John Apostle & Evangelist Church, a place to feel at home.” We consider our entire campus as a space of Aloha and welcome.

At the beginning of our 5-year plan, we started Aloha Hospitality Ministry in order to extend hospitality from the parking lot to the pews. For a while, we had had our parking lot greeters with yellow jackets on the parking lot waiting to welcome all newcomers, parishioners, and visitors. Parishioners arriving in the rain were met with a smile and escorted with an umbrella all the way to the church. If we are committed to hospitality as a way of life, we need to resume that parking lot ministry. We must not give up, but encourage each other by coming forward to serve in the parish.

Our One Community Center will be a space where we extend warm  Aloha and hospitality to all who take part in our events. Therefore, we will need to establish a welcome desk inside our community center where event guests will be welcomed and register for the event.

In order to be more effective in our Aloha and Hospitality Ministry, we will have to use more creative ways to make visitors feel welcome. For example, we could provide welcome cards at the registration desk as visitors arrive for any event. More attention will need to be given to people with disabilities and seniors by giving the extra care they need.

Monsignor John S. Mbinda