Growing in Stewardship Commitment

Last Sunday, the homily gave an overview of our ministries in the context of stewardship as a way of life here at St. John. It also gave the highlights of our stewardship renewal results.

Stewardship is a life-long commitment in which we choose God as a first priority in everything: family, finances, career, use of time. That is why Jesus exhorts us saying: “Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given you besides.” (Mt. 6:33) This is about setting priorities. Such setting of our priorities on God helps us to keep focused on the vision, mission, and purpose of Jesus Christ. It helps us grow in our faith commitment.

We were all thrilled to see the results of the 2018 stewardship renewal commitment results. The amazing thing is that 295 out of 1,100 registered households returned their commitment cards. Those returned cards are only 26.8%, but the commitments in terms of stewardship of giving time to God in prayer was 1,767. Those 295 commitment cards also generated 803 stewardship of talent in terms of ministries. But the amazing miracle was that 237 commitments to give an average of $2,009, generating a total offertory of $476, 193. In 2017, the actual offertory was $351,812. The difference between 2017 and 2018 is $124,381 (35.5%).

If 26.8% of registered parishioners can generate 1,767 commitments for prayer, another 200 commitments would nearly double the number. In 2019, our vision needs to be “getting to the next level of stewardship” in terms of more prayer commitments. The more time we spend with God in prayer, at daily or Sunday Mass, the more we will be energized to serve in ministry. It is a personal and communal prayer that nourishes growth in our stewardship commitment.

Monsignor John S. Mbinda