OCC Construction Update


We are seriously building! On Wednesday, November 7, a preconstruction meeting took place between the Architects, General Contractor (GC), the Project Manager (PM) and parish representatives. The purpose of the meeting was to get an update from both the GC and the PM on where we are at the moment. The meeting also aimed at putting in place areas of coordination between the Architects, GC, PM, and St. John’s before the construction begins.

According to the GC (Design Build of Hawaii), there was still more paperwork to be done before getting the construction permits. With regard to the construction, the tentative date of beginning the construction of the One Community Center is now set for November 26, right after Thanksgiving Day. If you look on our lawn, you will see red paint marking the line of the construction fence that will soon be put in place before construction begins.

In preparation for construction, the GC will cordon off the total space needed with a “silt fence on three sides and plywood fence on the church side.  Part of the parking lot towards Kipapa Drive will also be cordoned off for the GC use. The entrance on Kipapa will be gated and used only by the GC trucks. This means that our parking lot will be reduced by about half during weekdays, but we will have access to the other half on Sundays. We will be using Kuahelani Avenue entrance only and exit through the same gate. The good news is that the GC is prepared to accommodate us especially when we have funerals. All we have to do is inform them. As construction begins, we will all be able to monitor the progress via a site camera with a link on our parish website.

We will give more details before November 26. We will all have to be patient as well as considerate especially to those differently abled, the elderly and families with small children.


Monsignor John S. Mbinda