Bulletin Special Announcement

Just in case you missed this special announcement last Sunday, we are seriously Building! I am happy to announce that the Diocese has authorized us to award the construction contract of the OCC to Design Build of Hawaii (DBH). The good news is that we are saving over $200,000 with DBH. The contract has been signed by the Diocese and by me and given to the General Contractor. The next and final step is for the GC to get the construction permits that should be done in about two weeks. Since you cannot make an omelet without cracking an egg, there will be inconveniences when construction begins. There will be more announcements before the construction begins.

The Projector Manager for the OCC Construction is Robert Woodring from Rider Levett & Bucknall (RLB) company, the same company overseeing the Resurrection of the Lord parish hall construction. Robert will meet with the parish leadership monthly for update on the construction which will take about 12 months.

We are particularly grateful to Les Hunkele for his professional advise throughout this process and providentially he is with us this weekend. It is because of his professional guidance that we have arrived at this point on our OCC plans. The professional advice Les has given has saved us thousands of dollars if we were to hire someone to do what he did for us. I take the opportunity also to thank our parish Leadership Advisory Council (LAC) for their continuous guidance on both the OCC planning and the capital campaign.

Our Parish Leadership Advisory Council (LAC) will soon meet to discuss on ways of bringing phase 2 of the capital campaign to conclusion. You will receive an update after that meeting.

So, stay tuned!

Monsignor John S. Mbinda