How can we not be Grateful?

From 2014 to 2018 we have followed an intentional purpose driven game plan whose purpose has always focused on spiritual formation of all parishioners through the various gatherings: staff, leadership, ministries and parish-wide intentional process: praying our stewardship prayer at the beginning of all our meetings; bible sharing by reading and sharing the gospel of the following Sunday. At staff and stewardship council meetings, we have an ongoing book study with each member reading before the meeting and sharing some thoughts during the meeting. Only then do we have the agenda business. That intentional process has been implemented for the purpose of transforming our parish life so we may get “to the next level of stewardship as a way of life.” Every year, we have a parish-wide stewardship leadership retreat guided by a priest. This year we had Fr. Herman Gomes, SS.CC, provincial of the Sacred Hearts. Last Sunday, we had Jun Tantamco who gave us a powerful witness of his journey of stewardship as a way of life. At the end he asked, “How can I not be grateful?”


This year’s Stewardship Renewal theme is “Gratefulness”. As a parish we have so much to be grateful to God too. For the last 5 years 2014-2018 there is so much to be grateful. There has been significant observable change in our parish. Our ministries have increased from 51 to 62 with more parishioners giving their time and talent to serve. Our parish has grown in numbers too. Between 2014 and October 2018, we added 473 households. That is why we need the One Community Center (our #1 priority in the 2015 pastoral plan.) We have become a more vibrant parish community, thanks to our dynamic liturgical celebrations each Sunday. Out of nowhere an anonymous donor gave us $1,000,000 for the construction of our One Community Center. We also received two relics – that of St. Damien and of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. The good news is that on November 8 Bishop Larry Silva will give to our parish the relic of St. Marianne Cope. With so many blessings, how can we not be grateful? This Sunday let us offer to God our gratefulness for all his blessing by committing our time, talent and treasure to Him. When you give to God, God give back 100-fold.


 Monsignor John S. Mbinda