Annual Stewardship Renewal Sunday

In the article of last Sunday, I introduced our parish preparation for the forthcoming Annual Stewardship Renewal Sunday.  Some of you have already received a package of beautiful renewal materials in the mail. They explain what stewardship means at St. John Apostle & Evangelist.  When these materials arrive, please take some time to review them and pray about where the Holy Spirit may be leading you to grow this year in your stewardship commitment. Let us take a moment to reflect on why we need to renew our commitments each year.

When we come to understand stewardship as a way of life, our stewardship renewal becomes like a marriage covenant. Each year a married couple remembers the day of their marriage and renews their covenant and goes out to dinner. “Woe to a husband who forgets their marriage anniversary.” Worst still if he should say, “But we celebrated last year!” Obviously, last year does not count because a marriage is a way of life; a life-long relationship. So is stewardship. We renew our commitment annually to express our gratefulness to God from whom we have received and continue to receive abundant blessings. We focus on how God has been generous to us in his many blessings and ask ourselves how we shall return our gratitude to God for these blessings.

As we approach our parish annual renewal weekend on October 20/21, let us ask the Holy Spirit to guide us in making the right choices. With the Sunday offertory and OCC Capital Campaign part II still going on, I am aware it can be overwhelming. It is not a question of one of these, but discerning how to give to each of these needs according to what God has given in his generosity. Thank you for your commitment and generous support.

  Monsignor John S. Mbinda