Letter of Bishop Larry Silva to Diocese – on Clergy Sex Abuse Scandal

In his homily here at St. John Apostle & Evangelist Catholic Church at the 5pm Mass, Saturday, September 2, 2018, Bishop Larry Silva started by saying the following: “Our Catholic Church is in one of the greatest storms in its history.  Many clergy, who were trusted by others because they were presumed to be spiritual leaders, have sexually abused minors.”

Bishop Larry was referring to the recent allegations of clergy abuse of minors, an issue he had addressed in a recent letter of August 24, 2018, addressed to the clergy, religious and all parishioners in the Diocese of Honolulu. This letter may be found on the Diocese of Honolulu website: www.catholichawaii.org. In the bulletin of this Sunday you will find the letter of Bishop Larry Silva inserted. I urge you to take time to read this letter carefully. We would like you to be informed by the Bishop rather than getting comments from the media.

The letter alerts the clergy, religious and parishioners in the diocese on the seriousness of these allegations. The letter refers to a Cardinal who has been demoted because of credible accusations of abuse of minors using his power to gain sexual favors from various priests and seminarians – while all the while getting Church promotions and prestige.

The letter goes on to refer to the serious situation in Pennsylvania where the Grand Jury there has put together 1,000 sexual abuse claims in six dioceses lasting over 60 years. These claims involve both clergy and other church workers. The seriousness of the matter is that while these abuses happened, some bishops covered up.


Dear parishioners, at this very critical and sad moment, we need to encourage one another. We pray for the healing of the victims of these abuses as well as their perpetrator and those in complicity that they will face justice.


The peace of God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. 

 Monsignor John S. Mbinda