Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

We see Jesus love and compassion and healing power on full display in today’s Gospel Reading from Mark.  A leper comes to him and begs to be healed.  Jesus, moved with pity, stretches out his hand and heals the man.  And then he tells him something somewhat puzzling,  “See that you tell no one anything . . .

Of course, the man does exactly what many of us would do --- he immediately tells everyone.  After all, this is a “miracle”, an unmistakable action of God in their midst. And the former leper wants to make sure everyone knows about it.

Jesus knew that if word got out that he could heal leprosy (or any other disease) he would be inundated with people coming to him from everywhere.  

 Is that the only reason Jesus told the man to keep quiet?

My guess is that Jesus didn’t want his message, his promises to be reduced to simply what he could do for people from the “outside”the “flashy” sorts of miracles that get all the attention.  He wanted to make sure that people realized that the real “miracles” he wanted to “perform” were on the “inside”, miracles of the heart, soul, and spirit.

The miracles within each of us are really what Jesus died to make possible. The power of the resurrection allows the hardened heart to soften, the cruel heart to become kind and compassionate, the selfish heart to become generous, the vindictive heart to become forgiving, and the sinful heart to be washed clean --- enabling us to once again start down a different path, a journey into the arms of our loving God for all eternity.

I don’t know about you, but if all of that happened within me --- that would be a miracle!  

So let’s let God do precisely that --- not just today, but every moment of our lives.  And it’s ok --- God gives us permission to tell everyone.

By:  Deacon Romeo Ganibe