Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

We begin Ordinary Time in our liturgical year by reflecting on what it means to be “called” by the Lord Jesus. In the Gospel, it is John the Baptist who points two of his followers in the direction of Jesus, “Behold, the Lamb of God.” One of them is Andrew and he later brings his own brother along. Here it is clear that the call to follow Jesus can come through others and does not necessarily have to come directly from God Himself.

      We are invited to reflect on our own lives. Most of us probably don’t think that we are called by God. Yet the Scriptures shows us that each person has a special call from God: to serve God, perhaps to be married, perhaps to be celibate, perhaps to lead and perhaps to follow someone else. A call from God is a call to live. To be called does not require perfection on our behalf, only fidelity and holy listening.

       In order to hear a call, we must become silent so that we can listen. This is probably the greatest challenge of all in our present age. There is so much noise and so much distraction and so many people and things that want our attention. Modern technology is now a major distraction that it has overtaken our attention and priorities.

       Our Catholic Christian tradition tells us that we must listen to God’s voice in the Scriptures. We must come to recognize that voice of God speaking to us in revelation and in the Church. We want to know how God speaks in Scripture and in the Church so that we can listen more attentively to how God might be speaking to us.

       On this Second Sunday of the Year, the Lord Jesus offers us the invitation to listen and to respond, "Come and see!"  Our response should be that of Samuel, "Speak, Lord, your servant is listening!" 

By:  Deacon Romeo Ganibe