Sunday Gospel Reflection- 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

By: Deacon Romeo Ganibe


Our gospel reading this Sunday, presents to us the boat where the disciples were being battered by the waves, and amidst the disturbance came.  Jesus silently walks on the violent waters to assure them that in their fearful and unstable present environment, He is there to calm them and to assure them that everything would be all right for He is there to save them all.


What happens to Peter in today’s Gospel happens to all of us at one time or another:  We panic.  We don’t trust ourselves to know what the right thing is or our ability to do it.  But, somehow, God reaches out and catches us — if we’re willing to put aside our fears and try to do as Jesus would do, trusting in God’s grace to realize the good. 


We are oftentimes being tossed upside down by our worries and problems that generate fear and disturbance in our hearts.  We are being disturbed by fear of sickness, losing our job , getting old and there are countless more fears that may come our way.  


But in the middle of all these fears and disturbances in our lives, Jesus silently comes into our hearts. To assure and calm us that everything will be alright, to say to us that we need not fear, and to remain strong in our faith.  Jesus promises that in every storm that batters us, his hand is extended to us in the hand of those we love and trust, and he calls us to be the hand that would reach out to others.


Where do you see yourself in the boat? Are you huddled in the bottom? Clinging to the rail?  A Spectator? Or one who is reaching out to others, to those who are drowning in poverty, to those experiencing marriage and family relationship issues, to someone who lost a love one or a friend, and praying for healing for the sick. 


We can all walk on water if we have an unsinkable faith and trust in the Lord.