The OCC will Benefit us all

The question I keep hearing with regard to the capital campaign is: “How will the One Community Center benefit me and my family?” Thank God, we have a majority of parishioners who know how this works. When it comes to offering our treasure for God’s work, we do that not just for ourselves, but as we say in the prayer for our capital campaign “we fully invest ourselves in attaining the goal of our capital campaign with loving generosity for You and future generations.” When completed, the One Community Center will serve as a space where you and your family will be nourished spiritually and made more powerful witnesses of the Gospel; a placed that will serve as an over flow during our major feast days like Christmas and Easter; a place for our parish event celebrations; a place where workshops and retreats will be conducted, all for the benefit of all parishioners. In brief there are many benefits for you and the whole parish. The OCC will benefit us all. So, get involved.

The parishioners who built our present magnificent place of worship invested a lot for themselves and us of today. Some of these parishioners are still with us and proud to have made their contribution for the building of our present worship space. These are the parishioners who understand how it works. I must add that there is another category of parishioners who have come forward without hesitation. These are parishioners with below middle-class income supporting the capital campaign mainly out of gratitude for what God has given them. To these we are most grateful.

For those who still hesitate for one reason or another, our leadership including myself are available to respond to your questions. Some parishioners have given good suggestions for capital campaign options, for example envelopes at the back to put in their weekly One Starbucks Coffee equivalent or more. We are exploring this and other possibilities and we will get back with clear proposals. Meanwhile I urge those who still have pledge cards to complete them and place them in the box at the back of the church or mail them or drop them into our parish locked mail box.

Monsignor John S. Mbinda