OCC Fulfilling the Dream

Since the last presentation of the Capital Campaign for the One Community Center two weeks ago, I have met a lot of excitement among parishioners who have come out enthusiastically to support the campaign. One parishioner expressed that sentiment by saying that “I am so excited about our parish at the moment.” So why the excitement? There had been unfulfilled dreams, and now we can see the horizon of their being fulfilled. As Les Hunkele put is in this month’s Newsletter, the One Community Center “is going to fulfill the dreams of many of us.” I have been so touched by some families who are so committed by the idea that they are truly making a sacrificial pledge to make this dream come true!

As a stewardship parish community, we are fueled by an outward mission to the world, rather than an internal focus on maintenance. We need to remain focused on our parish mission statement which ends by these words: “to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ to all through our words, deeds and lives.” Our One Community Center is necessary in furthering this mission. We will utilize this space for four broad services all connected to evangelization. 1) We will connect with people like never before; 2) welcome and engage people by leading them in direct and subtle ways to discover their talents and best way to live; and 3) we will equip them with skills to be able to share with others the hope they have discovered in Jesus Christ; 4) We will send them out to live and proclaim their faith (evangelize).

I thank all parishioners who have made their three-year capital campaign pledge because this takes faith commitment to a common dream that will benefit the present and future generations. May encourage all others to join us in fulfilling the dream! God bless you all.

 Msgr. John S. Mbind