Finance Council

folder Finance Council Minutes

The Finance Committee meets every other month, assists and advises the Pastor with matters relating to finance, contractual and real estate transactions.  It  monitors the budget and ensures that there are adequate controls over cash receipts and disbursements. It also managed the repayment of our mortgage of $1.2 million and paid our 20 years term loan in 8 years.

In order to expedite the Sunday collections, the Finance Committee created a procedure whereby the ushers no longer need to sort the cash, although they securely tag the collection to identify what has been collected. Additionally, the committee was also involved in providing security in the collection area for the safety of the ushers.

The Finance committee is increasingly aware of the need for long-term planning, especially in how we live out our mission, what shape our ministry priorities take, how mission and ministry affect our resources: people, land and buildings, financial planning and obligations.


Richard Guillory


Position Committee Chair
Meeting Date varies
Meeting Time 19:00:00
Meeting Location Parish Conference Room